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I will probably only put tricks that I know how to do on this page and also i'll try to explain the trick in great detail since it is hard to teach sum1 a trick without showing it to them in person and if you need more info on a trick e-mail me - |_(^^) . The ratings on this page are to say how good the trick looks when you do it right. The rating is out of five. On this page the Tricks are from these catagories.

Regular tricks / Poses / Grinds / Landings

Total Tricks = 21

====Regular Tricks====


The ollie took me a long time to learn. Most websights say its easy and all you have to do is push your back finger back and then push your hand forward but I think there's more. For 1 the ollie is a quick move so you have to do it really fast. 2 you cant get that much hight. And three since you go so fast you cant ollie then do a trick you have to just do a trick. I explain this more in the kickflip and pop-shove it tricks. Rating =****


A lot of people that i know use their whole hand to kickflip. I think its easier to just use two fingers. To do this trick I push down really hard on the board, then I push my back finger down really hard and push my front finger away to make the board spin. Rating =****

Back Flip

I do this trick just like the kickflip but instead of spinning my forefinger I just bring it up so the board doesn't spin it just pops up and does a backflip. Rating =***


This is another trick you statr just like a kickflip but you just add one more thing . When you pop the board up hit it with your thumb so it spins like a biacth. Rating =***

Finger Flip

My friend invented this trick and I know other web pages are gonna still this trick from my sight even though its not that good of a trick so this sight is were this trick originated. This is a pretty easy trick that took me about 2 seconds. This takes 2 fingers. You put your back finger on the end of the board and put it up so you could put your fron finger under the board and just flip the board around you finger. Rating =**

Thumbs Up

This is another trick that is only on my sight. I dont use this trick because its gay. what you do is ride your board to the edge of a table,desk,ect....Then just pop your thumb up so it flies in the air. Rating =*



This trick works best if you use your nail. All you need is 1 finger. Put your finger on the end of the board pop it up and just spin it. Rating =*

One Wheel Ride

Yet another 1 finger pose. Pop up the board from the back but position your finger so its on the left or right side and you should only be on one wheel. Rating =*

Get Ready And Go

This is to imitate what pro skaters do when they start to go down a ramp. Place your hand flat with just your middle finger on the back of the board. Then pop it on to your middle finger so its laying on your finger upside down then bring your hand up so then the board lands right sight up with your 2 fingers on the board. Rating =***



Just slide the board on its bottom. Rating =*

Get Up From A Boardslide

Push down with the finger that is on the table . Rating =***


Slide the board on its top with your fingers on the bottom ends. Rating =***


Slide the board on its front and its front trucks. Rating =****

Back Slide

Slide on just the back end of the board. Rating =****


Slide on just the front side of the board. Rating =*****

50/50 Grind

Slide on the front and back trucks. Rating =*

5/0 Grind

Just slide on the back trucks only. Rating =*****


Slide on your front trucks only.Rating =*****


Dead Landing

Just land regualy with only 2 fingers. Rating =**


Land on the front of the board and the front trucks. Rating =****


Land on the back of the board and back trucks. Rating =*****

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