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Hello and welcome to my fingerboarding sight. I'm under a lot of heavy construction. So please be patient. I'll be done with this sight in about a month. If you find anything wrong with this page please e-mail me or IM me if you have aol or AIM. On AOL I'm Upalumepa1 [upalumepa(one)]. I did that because the one kind've looks like a seven. Also if you don't think this is the best fingerboard sight please email or IM me to know how I could make it better .|_(^^)

Be4 you e-mail me realize this site is not done. Right now my site sucks.

Last Updated 02/21/00 06:14:46 PM

\=o====o=/ Updates \=o===o=/

I uploaded the whole sight

The right click feature is off

added a counter

and a tracker

This guy means that section is under heavy construction

this site isn't ready yet






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